The Top Five Halloween Sketches of All Time!

Screening Room Halloween

In honor of Halloween, here are THE TOP FIVE HALLOWEEN SKETCHES OF ALL TIME or at least the top five out of the sketches that I could find on the internet over the past couple of days plus they’re kinda arbitrarily organized but lists really seem to get hits and clicks so let’s count down THE TOP FIVE HALLOWEEN SKETCHES OF ALL TIME!


5. Weekend Update: Stefon on Halloween • Saturday Night Live
Don’t worry about security, because it’s guarded by an army of hobo-cops.


4. Zombies • Kids in the Hall
They’re safe, but for how long?


3. Michael Jackson • Key and Peele
Where the children at? That’s in bad taste.


2. Monster Parties: Fact or Fiction? • Mr. Show
The unexplained. The inexplicable. The hard-to-convey. Since the dawn of time, men have wondered: do mysteries really exist? Some say ‘maybe’. Others aren’t so sure.


1. Jeff Montgomery – Happy Halloween… What?! • Saturday Night Live*
You have any Kit-Kat bars? Heck, I´ll take anything without toffee. Its a real bitch on the fillings. Hey, don´t call me a bitch! You´re the bitch, bitch! Wha-a-at?! Seriously though, trick or treat.

*If video doesn’t load, try clicking here.


Do you have a favorite Halloween sketch not on the list? Comment below and let me know what I missed! Happy Halloween!

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