The Best of John Hodgman on The Daily Show

DailyShowHodgmanAuthor.  Tweeter.  Funnyman.  These are the names of my three children. They are also words that could be used to describe John Hodgman who is set to perform at the Paramount Theatre on September 12th. 

In 2005, Hodgman debuted a character known as “The Deranged Millionaire” for a They Might Be Giants video. The character was such a success for Hodgman that he brought it The Daily Show for a series of celebrated segments partially collected here. I’m also including Hodgman’s first appearance on the show to promote his book “The Areas of My Expertise” which announced the comedian to a wider audience. Enjoy.


The Areas of My Expertise – 11/16/05
John Hodgman’s areas of expertise include matters historical, matters cryptozological, hobo matters, and drink, food, wine and cheese — which is a kind of food.


Borders Goes Out of Business – 08/16/11
John Hodgman suggests that bookstores replace their old-fashioned bookshelves with beautiful, well-appointed downloading pods.


An Elegant Message to the 47% – 09/18/12
In this exclusive, resident deranged millionaire John Hodgman elegantly restates Mitt Romney’s position regarding 47% of Americans.


Merge Overkill – 02/27/13
John Hodgman merges with the English language and examines the modern economic strategy that rewards corporate irresponsibility.


Patenting Human Genes – 06/19/13
John Hodgman analyzes the financial repercussions of the Supreme Court’s decision on human gene patenting.


Bezos and Masthead – 08/14/13
Deranged millionaire John Hodgman announces the acquisition of his own D.C. newspaper, The Washington Postier Coupon Clipper Penny Saver.


Taking the LA Clippers for a Spin – 05/08/14
Deranged millionaire John Hodgman explains why he wants to acquire the Los Angeles Clippers.

For more on John Hodgman, check out his website. Tickets for his September 12th show at the Paramount are available here.

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