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2013’s Funniest Person in Austin: Mac Blake!

After a toothsome six-week battle of wits at Cap City Comedy Club, a victor has emerged above the more than 200 contenders in this year’s Funniest Person in Austin contest.

In its 28th year, the annual marathon of mirth-making once again brought in every level of comedy talent possible, from the novice stand-up noobs to the gnarled punchline vets. (And don’t forget the occasional residents of Batshit Crazytown that use the contest as a stage for their always delightful rantings!)

931421_588823277808669_303655110_nThis year, however, a new element of chance was included in the contest, courtesy of ( sadly departed) Comedy 102.7FM. Every night, in addition to the 3 judge-selected comedians advancing to the semi-finals, an alternate comedian was chosen to enter the Fan Favorite contest for audience members to vote for online. This Fan Favorite would skip the semi-finals and advance directly into the finals.

Ultimately, Sean Mooney was the lucky Fan Favorite elected by the people to join the other 12 comics that made it through the traditional semi-final rounds: Derek Phelps, Amber Bixby, Mac Blake, Ryan Cownie, David McQuary, Cody Hustak, Maggie Maye, Luke McClory, Duncan Carson, Bob Khosravi, Chance Royce, and last year’s runner-up, the very talented Chris Cubas.

The new FPIA for 2013 dons his crown and robe

The new FPIA for 2013 dons his crown and robe

In the end, the final results played out as such:

3rd Place: Cody Hustak

2nd Place: Chris Cubas

and 2013’s Funniest Person in Austin: Mac Blake

Congrats to all of this year’s finalists, semi-finalists and alternates. It proved again to be another unpredictable year of surprises for Austin comedy, with a new victor to claim the title. And with Comedy 102.7 radio now defunct, who even knows what else is going to happen NEXT YEAR?

Get back to practicing your sets, y’all! There’s an open mic somewhere in town tonight…

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Austin comics on their way to San Francisco Burrito & Comedy Festival, pt. 2

Continuing our conversation with the six brave comedians taking the Oregon Trail to San Francisco this weekend, we present the rest of our questions and their answers in the thrilling conclusion of the San Francisco Burrito & Comedy Festival interview!

As you’ll recall from last blog post, we started by asking the six comedians (Ralphie Hardesty, Jonathan Pace, Kath Barbadoro, Maggie Maye, Joe Hafkey and Mac Blake) what they were most excited about seeing in The City By the Bay.

What could we possibly be asking them next? (Only the most important questions for people about to head to a burrito-themed comedy festival in San Fran, clearly…)

Moontower: What is the one memento from SF you would like to find to bring back to Texas with you?

Mac Blake (@macbdazzler): Honestly? A San Francisco Giants ball cap to use as a prop. I was part of the Master Pancake Theater mock of the movie Blood Sport, and in it we see a younger version of Jean Claude Van Damme’s character wearing a New York Giants (football) t-shirt and a SF Giants (baseball) hat. It’s like he doesn’t care about a city or a sport, he just likes Giants. So I’ll grab a cap in case we ever do it again.

Kath Barbadoro (@kathbarbadoro): I’d like to get a picture of me with the Mrs. Doubtfire memorial statue. San Francisco has a Mrs. Doubtfire memorial statue right?

Jonathan Pace (@jonwilkespace): A mogwai.

Ralphie Hardesty (@ralphiehardesty): An STI.

Joe Hafkey (@joehafkey): A picture of me, shirtless, eating a burrito in front of the houses on the credits of Full House.

Maggie Maye (@maggiemayehaha): Two words: regional candy. And memories, new friendships, blah blah. All that, too.



Moontower: What do you like most on your burritos, and where do you normally get them here in Austin?

Blake: I’m more of a taco and quesadilla man, but when I’m in the mood for a baby-sized amount of meat and cheese I’ll go to Freebirds. Chicken, Monterrey Jack, a skosh of guac, and some hot sauce.

Barbadoro: Don’t tell the SFCBF people this, but I’m much more of a taco girl than a burrito girl. My Austin taco soul mate is the fish taco from Taco Mex on Manor. I’m also a big fan of the al pastor tacos at Rosita’s Al Pastor on Riverside. (I’m going to link both of them to this article once it’s posted and see if they’ll hook me up with some free tacos so please don’t cut this part out.)

Pace: I think I’m more a taco guy than a burrito dude. Why you gotta put all them beans and rice in my giant taco? Rosie’s Tacos Al Pastor on Riverside is awesome, and I like 3 of the 4 Taqueria Arandas that I’ve tried. I defy anyone to find a better salsa bar than Mi Ranchito. Carne guisada, al pastor, lengua, and lots of other stuff. Basically, good meat and good salsa with a little heat is mything, onions and cilantro if you got it, but I’m not picky.

Hardesty: Mi Madre’s Breakfast Rito is #1 for sure. Eggs, government cheese, potato, avocado, tons of bacon. It’s amazing.

Hafkey: Barbacoa or Carnitas, then a little pico, a little salsa verde, black beans, sour cream, cheese, and guacamole. This will rankle the Wheatsville Co-op crowd, but my go-to is Chipotle. I take comfort in the orderly corporate environment there.

Maye: I’m all about steak fajita. With guac. With a side of queso to dip it in. Served on the bare chest of the dude that plays Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy. Is there an Austin restaurant that serves that?


Follow these six delightful comics and all of their West Coast adventures on Twitter. They will all appreciate the added support provided by additional followers.

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Austin comics on their way to San Francisco Burrito & Comedy Festival, pt. 1

It’s pretty great hosting a Festival like Moontower on our own Austin stages. But it’s also fun sharing our Austin talent with other festivals around the country.

This weekend, six of our favorite comics are headed to California for the strangely (but aptly) named San Francisco Burrito & Comedy Festival, to show off their Texas-sized talent (not in a gross way) on those California stages.

Named for the overstuffed food suitcases that became popular in the Mission District of SF, the SFBCF is growing in popularity partly due its unique concept but also because of its excellent offerings of national talent.

Headlining the festival this year is none other than Brendon Walsh, former Funniest Person in Austin and now rising Los Angeles star (and neighbor to Ms. Chelsea Peretti).

Besides Walsh, the crew representing Austin in the Best of Texas Showcase at SFBCF are: Kath Barbadoro, Ralphie Hardesty, Maggie Maye, Jonathan Pace, Mac Blake and Joe Hafkey.

When we talked with the six pilgrim-ing comedians, we asked them about what they’re most looking forward to this weekend at the festival, both comedic and non-comedic.

(Pretend they’re in the same room, politely speaking one at a time, for added effect. Because they totally are…)


What They’re Looking Forward To Most in San Francisco (non-comedically):

Maggie Maye (@maggiemayehaha): I’ve never been to San Fran, so I’m excited to ride double decker busses and gay pride floats and all that stuff. I’ve got a couple of meetings set up that I’m pretty stoked about. I’m also crossing my fingers that they’ll have a Dominican hair salon up there, since there isn’t one in Austin. Mama needs a Dominican blowout.

Mac Blake (@macbdazzler): I’m just checking it out. I’ve never been to SF before. The Alternative Press Expo, a great indie comic book convention, is that weekend. I might not be able to resist its siren song.

Jonathan Pace (@jonwilkespace): I go to Samfran Cisco pretty frequently for the dayjob, so I think I’ve seen all the sights I need to see. I’m most looking forward to being in town when there’s other Austinites I know around, which decreases the likelihood I’ll be sitting in my hotel room staring at the wall like usual.

Kath Barbadoro (@kathbarbadoro): I really want to eat a lot of dim sum. I think I am probably about as excited for dim sum as I am for comedy. Also, I’m trying to convince the other Austin comics to go on a whale watch with me, but so far I have been unsuccessful. Whatever, guys. I’ll go on a whale watch by my damn self, I’m a strong independent woman who wants to look at some whales.

Ralphie Hardesty (@ralphiehardesty): I’ve never been to SF and I hear it’s really, really gay. I’m looking forward to that. To gay people.

Joe Hafkey (@joehafkey): I’m most excited about taking advantage of my friend’s “farmacy” prescription… and going on a boat ride to whale watch.


Best Comedic Attractions at SFBCF:

Maggie Maye: I’m excited about seeing a lot of my friends face to face again. Really cool, really funny people I don’t get to see regularly, like Barbara Holm, Xander Deveaux, and Danielle Radford (my sitcom sister). And I always love seeing Morgan Murphy.

Mac Blake: I’ve seen Matt Braunger before and almost exploded with laughter, so he’s on my list. I also want to check out Brendon Walsh’s album recording.

Jonathan Pace: Brendon Walsh is taping a special or album or something, which I’d love to see. Also, another comic who came up in Austin, David Huntsberger. Alex Koll and Sean Patton are always great, and then there’s a couple that I only know from their twitter feeds that I’m looking forward to seeing live: Will Weldon and Mike Drucker. Wait, Drucker was listed, but now he’s not on the performers page anymore. Did he drop out? Is he okay? I NEED ANSWERS!

Ralphie Hardesty: I’m doing a GLBT showcase with lots of people I’m excited to meet/see like Guy Branum and Solomon Georgio. The straight people I’m excited about are: Brendan Walsh, Morgan Murphy, Alex Koll, Sean Patton, Matt Ingbretson, and tons more but this list is already really long. It’s an unbelievably good festival lineup.

Kath Barbadoro: I’m really excited to see Morgan Murphy; I love her stuff but I’ve never gotten the chance to see her live. I’m pumped about Sean Patton, too, whom I’ve seen live a number of times but never get tired of. I remember seeing Alex Koll at Cap City when I first started doing comedy two years ago, and I’m looking forward to seeing him again too; he’s super smart. The headliner of the fest, Brendon Walsh, is really funny and an Austin comedy alum, so of course I’m thrilled about that.

Joe Hafkey: I’m excited for Sean Patton, Andy Haynes, Matt Braunger, Aparna Nancharla, Brendon Walsh, Morgan Murphy, Josh Gondelman, and on and on. Also excited to see the acts I’ve never heard of.

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Punch! Show Season Finale on 3/27

Comedian Matt Bearden’s artfully curated Punch! show at the Cap City Comedy Club on Tuesday nights is the immensely popular and relentlessly ‘all killer and no filler’ ground zero for comedy connoisseurs to catch the cream of local and visiting stand-ups (with all deference to vegans and the lactose intolerant… well not so much the uppity ones). Since the 27th Annual “Funniest Person in Austin” contest will soon begin prelims, March 27th will be the season finale of Punch! until it returns on May 15th. Comedians John Ramsey, Kerri Lendo, and Mac Blake are already booked. The show starts at 8pm and is still just $5, bucko!


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