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More Moontower funny ladies for your enjoyment

Christine Pazsitzky

Christine Pazsitzky

When we made our first announcements of the still-growing lineup at this year’s Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival, a few folks commented that there weren’t as many ladies as they like to see in their comedy festivals.

But, alas! We’re announcing a slew of brilliant lady-type comics who are joining the festival to balance out the sausage party it was looking like before…

Jessica Kirson

Jessica Kirson


After the huge success of the all-women She Bang show from last year, there was no way we weren’t going to recreate that magic and pump up the lady vibes of the whole weekend with more of our favorite comedians of the female persuasion.

Joining us this year at the MC&OF are comics Morgan Murphy, who has been on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and “2 Broke Girls”, REEEEEEALLLY GAY comedian Julie Goldman from “The Big Gay Sketch Show,” “Chelsea Lately” roundtable regular Christina Pazsitzky, and the hilarious Jessica Kirson, who you absolutely remember from “Last Comic Standing.”

But wait! There’s more!

The adorable Helen Hong from Logo’s “Setup Squad” is coming; “self-deprecating feminst slob poet” Emily Heller will be here; Mary Patterson, the quintessential nice white girl from Mobile, AL, will be joining us; and so will one of our favorite Austin-based comedians/actors/vintage Etsy store owners, Kerri Lendo!

That’s a lot of eclectic talent gathered together for one weekend. And it’s only a fraction of all the talent that you’ll be able to see at this year’s MC&OF! Some will have boy parts in their swimsuit areas and some will not. It doesn’t matter as long as they’re funny!

Emily Heller

Emily Heller


Just remember to get your badge before they all sell out! There are only 24 VIP Badges and 48 ACE Badges left for the grabbing and snatching, so you better act fast.

The final schedule is not yet decided, but these badges are the only way you’re going to get to see all these lovely ladies in one place. (And no, I don’t mean, in your dreams. Grow up.)

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View from Moontower: Inside Joke

Kerri Lendo [photo by Marc Brown]

John Merriman [photo by Marc Brown]

Austin-based comedian Kerri Lendo and actor/filmmaker/funnyman John Merriman hosted the marvelous Moontower “Inside Joke” video segments that were produced by Picturebox productions. Comedy Moontower witnessed several top name comedians altar their schedules to appear on “Inside Joke,” which would not likely have been the case if the clips weren’t so well produced, if “Inside Joke” didn’t have such an apparent purity of motive, and if Kerri and John weren’t such delightful hosts and splendid ambassadors. UPDATE: Comedy Moontower has learned from a source familiar with negotiations that “Inside Joke” has an offer from sole sponsor Monsanto to produce a weekly program for San Antonio-based Clear Channel Communications “just like ‘Inside Joke’ but shittier.” UPDATE II: Apparently “Inside Joke” has hit a bump on the fast track to watered down corporate infotainment. Merriman is quoted in Teen Zine USA as saying, “I am honored by Monsanto’s faith in the show and excited about their “Ruining The Planet: One Meal at a Time” campaign but Kerri and I feel that their insistence of Carlos Mencia’s participation would disrupt our on camera chemistry.” Stay tuned but it seems that, for now, “Inside Joke” will remain DIY and “good.”

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Punch! Show Season Finale on 3/27

Comedian Matt Bearden’s artfully curated Punch! show at the Cap City Comedy Club on Tuesday nights is the immensely popular and relentlessly ‘all killer and no filler’ ground zero for comedy connoisseurs to catch the cream of local and visiting stand-ups (with all deference to vegans and the lactose intolerant… well not so much the uppity ones). Since the 27th Annual “Funniest Person in Austin” contest will soon begin prelims, March 27th will be the season finale of Punch! until it returns on May 15th. Comedians John Ramsey, Kerri Lendo, and Mac Blake are already booked. The show starts at 8pm and is still just $5, bucko!


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