SWEET DEAL: The Comic’s Comic and a Chance at Free Stephen Merchant Tickets

Stephen Merchant's first time touring our side of the pond, with three upcoming NYC shows.

Breaking news! Everyone’s favorite The Ricky Gervais Show (and podcast) cohort, Stephen Merchant, has recently been rounding out a stand-up tour in the States, and this coming week will host Merchant’s first-ever New York stops. Better yet, The Comic’s Comic has some tickets to Merchant’s final Town Hall debut next Wednesday night in NYC, and five people will be the lucky winners.

The Office/Extras co-creator will play three gigs beginning this weekend, and although tickets are going fast The Comic’s Comic has snagged a bundle of seats that are currently up for grabs.┬áThat said, check out The Comic’s Comic post here, and get your name in the hat for a chance to check out Merchant’s 2012 NYC stops.

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