Rolling with Randy Liedtke

Randy Liedtke

You may recognize Randy Liedtke from one of his many television appearances. The comic has appeared on Late Night with Seth MeyersLast Comic Standing, and Maron. You may have heard his voice on Adventure Time or The Bone Zone, the irreverent podcast he hosts with comedian Brendon Walsh. Maybe you don’t know his name but you heard about that comedian who was pulled over for eating an iPhone cookie while driving.

Well you might as well learn his name now because he’s not going away anytime soon. In the past week alone, Liedtke saw the release of his critically acclaimed standup album I’m on a Roll, the premiere of his new Comedy Central half hour, and appeared on @midnight and Conan. I spoke with the comic about YouTube, pranks, and his favorite comedy album. 

Part of your act involves pranking the audience. What’s the best (or worst) reaction to a prank you’ve gotten at a show?

One time I was hosting a show a long time ago and I told the audience I needed a volunteer. I brought this guy on stage and and once he got up there I introduced the next comic and left. So the guy was just stuck up there and him and the other comic were forced to interact. It was kind of rude to the other comic but they figured it out.

What was your favorite comedy album growing up?

Favorite comedy album growing up was Bob and Doug McKenzie’s Great White North They do a lot of fun creative stuff like interview you, the listener and make a joke about how you’ll need to flip the record over soon. It’s complete silliness I love it.

What’s the best thing on YouTube right now?

Best thing on YouTube is this guy who sings karaoke in his basement named Mike Young. He wears a robe and sings all the classics. He knows he’s not the greatest but he really goes for it. I found his videos a couple years ago but he hadn’t made a new video in a long time. I spent a whole year trying to get in contact with him and finally started emailing with him and encouraged him to start making new videos. On my podcast The Bone Zone, Brendon Walsh and I raised enough money to buy him a mini fridge for his basement which he now features in every single video, just him and a fridge in front of a green screen.

Randy Liedtke, I’m on a Roll is available for purchase on iTunes. You can also listen on Spotify. Follow him on Twitter.

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