Reggie Watts on the Road and Unleashing New Material

Reggie's latest live performance recording "On Life And Quantum Entanglement" is being released on a track-by-track basis and in conjunction with his latest tour

Is it music? Is it comedy? Some might not even describe it as either, and for those detractors, one would surmise it is only the distinctly unique sound of Reggie Watts. His latest live performance “On Life And Quantum Entanglement” has been highly anticipated, and Watts has been on the road to promote the new material. He is releasing live tracks from the record one at a time, and thanks to The Comic’s Comic and Reggie’s Facebook page, a bit has hit the web. It’s only fitting that the first little taste be entitled “Peaches & Cobbler.”

While a few Austinites were lucky to have caught him at Fun Fun Fun Fest in November, a select few comedy fans will be fortunate to witness his remaining dates on the road with a small European and west coast U.S. tour that is happening at the end of January. Dates are below, and be sure to check out Reggie’s newest track for a taste of what’s to come while he’s on the road.

  • Jan. 19 – Melkweg (Amsterdam, Holland)
  • Jan. 20 – Arenberg Theatre (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • Jan. 23 – Roundhouse (London, England)
  • Jan. 25 – Parkteatret (Oslo, Norway)
  • Jan. 26 – Sodern Theatre (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Jan. 27 – Bremen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Jan. 28 – Tavastia (Helsinki, Finland)
  • Jan. 29 – Festaal Kreuzberg (Berlin, Germany)
  • Jan. 31 – Yoshi’s (San Francisco)
  • Feb. 1 – Mezzanine (San Francisco)
  • Feb. 2 – Yoshi’s (Oakland)
  • Feb. 3 – Roxie Theater (San Francisco)

“Peaches & Cobbler” (On Life & Quantum Entanglement – Part 8 of 11) by reggiewatts

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