Drew Carey is coming on down!

I guess even game show hosts need some time away from the excitement of Plinko and the Showcase Showdown to get back to their roots as touring road comics. And fortunately for us, Austin is along the bus route.

1016220_10151530056318683_2075165349_nDrew Carey is visiting Austin for a two-night engagement at Cap City this Thursday and Friday. Yep, that Drew Carey.

It’s always a blast when these larger-than-life comedy figures show up at Cap City to show off their stand up chops.

You may know that Carey got his start in stand up on Star Search after winning a few open mic nights in his hometown of Cleveland, OH. Soon he was appearing on Carson’s Tonight Show and Letterman’s Late Night. Then it was on to the big time.

The Drew Carey Show still holds up as a decently written Midwest slice-of-life sitcom that made him a household name and showcased the talents of his entire cast. He hosted the American version of Whose Line is It Anyway? for frickin’ nine years, which made him one of the highest paid comedians in the business.

Afterward, he turned out to be the perfect choice as Bob Barker’s replacement on The Price is Right, giving the show a playful new energy that it lacked for approximately a decade. Carey is way funnier (and way less skeezy) than Barker, and the institution of morning merriment continues to churn on.

He’s clearly comfortable on any stage on which he appears and it’ll be a delight to see his crew cut and his giant bespectacled smile light up the Cap City lounge.

Tickets are already selling out, which is to be expected. So act quick and don’t miss out on this special event. It could all be yours…

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