Tweets of the Fest: Live from the 2018 Moontower Comedy Festival

With Moontower in full swing, it’s time for a special edition of Tweets of the Week featuring Mike Birbiglia, Weird Al, Tiffany Haddish, Todd Barry, and the Comedy Resistance! We’ll be adding to this list throughout the fest.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the fest! Stay tuned for information about the 2019 fest here.

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Moontower 2018 Interview: Janelle James Didn’t Plan On Comedy

Janelle James didn’t dream of doing stand-up as a kid. She didn’t hone her craft in college. “I had no inclination to become a comedian,” she explains. The Caribbean-born comic was 30 and working in fashion when a friend goaded her onto stage at an open mic. A few short years later, she has one of the best reviewed comedy albums of 2017, an upcoming Netflix special, and just finished a huge tour opening for Chris Rock. Ms. James talked to Moontower about her early days in comedy, why she doesn’t worry about offending people, and why she’s juicing before heading to Austin. Continue reading

Tweets of the Week from the Moontower Class of 2018

As the 2018 Moontower Comedy Festival readies for kickoff on Wednesday, check out tweets from some of the talent attending this year – including late addition Maria Bamford! All these comics and many more are scheduled to attend next week! Check out the full schedule here and see you at the fest! Continue reading

Moontower 2018 Interview: Tim Dillon Finds Comedy In Unexpected Places

Tim Dillon is tired of people trying to win arguments on stage. It’s boring. He’s much more interested in discovering comedy. While many profiles of Mr. Dillon tend to focus on the fact that he has conservative leanings, Dillon himself sounds less convinced. “You believe in free speech, you’re conservative. I don’t know. I try to be funny.” He’s definitely succeeding there.

Mr. Dillon was recently named one of Rolling Stone‘s 10 Comedians You Need to Know and has Netflix and Comedy Central specials slated to premiere later this year. He has a celebrated podcast, Tim Dillon is Going to Hell, where he defends “CEOs, dictators, con artists, thieves, tax cheats, & crime families” and leads a double decker bus tour of New York where he examines on the murky dealings of the mega rich. They’re both very funny. He talked to Moontower about acting on Sesame Street, serving on a murder trial, and how focusing on winning arguments can sink comedy. Continue reading

Tweets of the Week from the Moontower Class of 2018

Get to know some of the talent performing at Moontower this year with a brand new edition of Tweets of the Week featuring Joe List, Janelle James, and “Weird Al” Yankovic.

Additionally, check out the full festival schedule which dropped today along with new additions to the lineup including Amanda Seales, Dulce Sloan, Luke Null, Ted Leo, Martha Kelly and a slew of local talent. See you at the fest! Continue reading

Moontower 2018 Interview: Jessimae Peluso, From the Sock Room to the Stage

Jessimae Peluso has plans after this interview. “I’m having drinks with Urkel.” When pressed, the former Girl Code cast member explains. “I can’t call him Urkel because that’s just disrespectful. His name is Jaleel, and he’s a friend of mine. We’re catching up today.”

It becomes clear during the interview that Ms. Peluso likes to stay busy. When she’s not doing an interview or catching drinks with an old friend, the comedian is juggling her multiple podcasts, livestream Q&As, television appearances and standup tours. She talked to Moontower about her many projects, doing physical comedy for her mom, and her quest for the best mac and cheese in town. Continue reading

Tweets of the Week from the Moontower Class of 2018

This week, The Austin Theatre Alliance announced the 2018 Moontower Podcast Series lineup and welcomed several new additions to the stand-up schedule. On this edition of Tweets of the Week, we feature tweets from these podcasters and newcomers including Jackie and Laurie Show host Laurie Kilmartin, Kids in the Hall‘s Scott Thompson and The Crowd Work Tour‘s Todd Barry. Continue reading

Moontower 2018 Interview: Ali Siddiq Debuts Comedy Central Special Recorded Inside Bell County Jail

Ali Siddiq‘s first performances were in prison. While serving six years of a 15-year sentence for drug trafficking in a Texas state penitentiary, he started what he calls ‘joking’. Two decades and hundreds of sets later, he returned to prison to tape his comedy special. Ali Siddiq: It’s Bigger Than These Bars premieres tonight on Comedy Central.

Ali talked to Moontower about his decision to stay in Houston, his love of Richard Pryor, and why it’s harder to get inside a maximum security prison voluntarily. Continue reading

Tweets of the Week from the Moontower Class of 2018

This edition of Tweets of the Week features thoughts on Mother’s Day, Black History Month and Planet Of The Apes 50th Anniversary. Badge up and catch all of these talents at Moontower this April! Continue reading

Moontower 2018 Interview: Jeff Dye Is Living the Dream

Jeff Dye is a nationally touring comedian, actor and host who has performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, finished 3rd on Last Comic Standing and has had his own Comedy Central Presents special. He stars in NBC’s new comedy adventure series Better Late Than Never featuring Henry Winkler, William Shatner, Terry Bradshaw and George Foreman.

Jeff talked to Moontower about bombing at open mics during “The Dane Wave”, having tea at Henry Winkler’s house, and how a chance encounter at a bookstore changed everything. Continue reading