We went backstage with the 2014 Moontower headliners!

For the past three years, I’ve been lucky enough to film interviews with many of the comedians at Moontower. Along with Kerri Lendo and my good friends at Picturebox, I have had the pleasure of chatting with some of my comedy heroes and making a complete idiot out of myself. Here now are the best interview bits featuring the 2014 Moontower headliners!

Is there anyone better than Maria Bamford? In this completely silly interview, I talked to her about staying up all night and eating M&Ms for dinner.

Kerri sat down with Fred Armisen and asked him about his go-to karaoke song, his favorite punk bands (surprise – one of them is in Austin!), and how to freak out the sound guy.

As someone who grew up watching the Kids in the Hall, I was especially nervous to speak to them AND IT DEFINITELY SHOWS! I began interviewing Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald when a special guest dropped by. This was a highlight.

The inimitable Hannibal Buress talked with Kerri about playing at the historic Paramount Theatre, his weekly New York Show, and holding on to those one-of-a-kind show moments.

In another surreal interview, I spoke with Dennis Miller and his brother (and Moontower festival producer) Rich about their years of sleeping on floors and watching puppet pornography.

For more interviews, check out the Inside Joke YouTube page and explore interviews from the past three years!

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