View from Moontower: Marc Maron

(photo by Jack Plunkett)

Marc Maron appearing live on SiriusXM’s Covino & Rich show (photo by Angela Morales)

“Thank you, Austin! The Moontower Comedy Festival was a tremendous success. It was their first year and they did a hell of job. All the shows were great. They treated me good and I really appreciate you all coming out. I also had a great time hanging out with all the other comics, some I hadn’t seen in a long time. I was able to see Steven Wright live for the first time and that was really fucking special. Love that guy. It was really the most organized and well-run festival I have ever been involved with. Congrats, Moontower! I hope I see you next year.”                                                                                                              Marc Maron (reprinted from his 4/30/12 WTF dispatch)

From his headlining show at the Mohawk and his appearances at the Parish and Scottish Rite, Marc Maron was in tip-top form at the Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival. Comedy Moontower caught Maron on Friday at Duncan Trussell’s “Show House” at the Parish and it was a pitch-perfect set and the most assured of all the times this bloggo has caught Maron live (and this wasn’t simply due to walking into the energy field Moshe Kasher left behind, as Maron queried). Like John Mulaney, Maron was a masterful raconteur when recounting his doings in Central Texas (in his case, a trip to Opie’s BBQ in Spicewood, TX). Listen to Marc’s most recent WTF epidsode #275 (with Chelsea Handler) to hear him retell his hilarious and epic “Q” run (and also say some incredibly nice things about Moontower). And Marc (and gentle readers), MT2 is already on the books for 2013!

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