Top Five Schedules in Recorded Human History

Schedules: everyone uses them but which ones are the best? Over the years, we humans have used “sched-ules” to organize events, order tasks, and commit resources between a variety of tasks. It’s an exciting history that crosses time periods and continents! Today we’re going to take an unbiased look at the very best schedules in the history of the world. Let’s dive in!

5. Benson’s Hall Monitor Schedule (McCarthy Elementary; 1953)
It was during a particularly long and boring day that eight-year-old Fred Benson was came up with the very first hall monitoring schedule. At the time, there was no system in place so any number of children could be found patrolling the halls without assigned times. In the coming months, Benson not only developed an early version of the hall pass, but also came up with a system of rewards and punishments that would ultimately be his undoing. R.I.P.

 4. Pharaoh Zoser’s Giza Pyramids Construction Schedule (El Giza, Egypt; circa 2560 B.C.)
The rudimentary but efficient construction schedule utilized an early calendar to organize time and schedule the resources necessary to build the Giza pyramid, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It’s one of the pinnacles of human achievement that still stands today. This schedule would have ranked higher up in our survey if it weren’t for the use of slave labor. Still, kudos on the great job!

3. Pine View Service Station’s bathroom cleaning schedule (Jacksonville, GA; 1942)
This service station pioneered the use of the bathroom cleaning schedule, requiring employees to initial after completing a task. During the station’s heyday, it was not uncommon for as many as five employees to enter the facilities with a customer and do everything from mopping the bathroom floors to shining the driver’s shoes! pineview

2. NBC’s Saturday Morning Schedule (USA; 1985-86)
Forget Thursday’s so-called Must See TV, Saturday mornings in 1985 was where it was at! Spiderman, Mr. T, AND The Smurfs? Get the pancakes and let’s fire up that tube! The geniuses behind this television schedule at NBC outdid themselves with this one. Though now forgotten and probably dead, these Peacock execs left quite a legacy!

1. Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival (Austin, Texas; April 2014)

The Kids in the Hall! Demitri Martin! Maria Bamford! Hannibal Burress! Marc Maron! These are just a few of the names that I am shouting aloud at this coffee shop. Additionally, they are on the 2014 Moontower Comedy Festival schedule which was released today! Check it out in all it’s glory here and start planning your Moontower!

mm John Merriman

John Merriman has worked with the Moontower festival since it's inception in 2012. He is the co-host of the festival's long-running interview series "Inside Joke" where he has interviewed luminaries including Steven Wright, Maria Bamford and Patton Oswalt. Before Moontower, he spent five years at the Austin Film Fesival as a film programmer where he helped launch the Comedy Vanguard program and the Funniest Filmmaker in Austin series. He has called Austin his home since 1996.

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