Top 10 Nick Kroll Characters of All Time

Nick Kroll

Is there anyone working today who is better at doing characters than Nick Kroll? Key and Peele, Paul F. Tompkins, and Andy Daly certainly give him a run for his money, but no one has captured the public imagination in the way that Kick Kroll has through his work on Comedy Bang Bang, Funny or Die, and the wildly popular Kroll Show. Nick performs at the Paramount Theatre tonight at 7pm and at least a handful of 2 for 1 balcony tickets are still available. Grab your tickets and check out my completely biased ranking of the top 10 Nick Kroll characters of all time!


10. C-Czar

9. Chance the Slam Poet

8. Dr. Armond

7. Liz from PubLIZity

6. Aspen Bruckenheimer

5. Spotted Ox Hostel Guy

4. Fabrice Fabrice

3. Gil Faizon

2. Bobby Bottleservice

1. El Chupacabra


Nick Kroll performs at the Paramount Theatre tonight at 7pm.  2 for 1 balcony tickets are on sale now. (Discount automatically taken at checkout when purchasing 2 tickets). Tickets.

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