The Funniest Videos From the Polar Vortex

Screening Room Arctic Blast

While we certainly haven’t had it as bad as our friends up east, we’ve had our share of cold weather right here in Austin. In fact the so-called “Polar Vortex” has affected most states, sending many inside to binge watch Netflix and order in food. While it’s been a bummer for some, it hasn’t all been bad. It seems like everyone from Jon Stewart to a greyhound in a onesie has starred in a funny video involving the cold winter blast. Here now are the best videos to come out of the Polar Vortex!

Stephen Colbert winterized his studio.

A Corgi did a belly flop in the snow.

Jon Stewart took on the climate change deniers.

This man invited a herd of deer over for breakfast.

Cousin Sal threw snowballs at people on an LA beach.

A greyhound ran around in a Batman onesie.

And this kid jumped on an icy trampoline.

Brrr! That’s all for now. Stay tuned to for some exciting Moontower announcements later this month!

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