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Looking Back on the Funniest of 2012

We’re in the first week of 2013, which means the world didn’t even end like everyone spent a year planning for and joking about. So I guess that means we have to start paying rent again and start making plans for the future or something.

But before we do anything productive, we’ve been gathering our favorite lists from all the folks who follow this stuff! Put it all together and enjoy all that 2012 had to offer!

The Funniest People of 2012 provided by Huffington Post. These included the most important comedians like Tig Notaro and Louis CK as well as the politicians who gave them the fodder we needed make it through the elections. Thanks, Paul Ryan!


The 100 Funniest Tweets of 2012 (as recommended by Megan Amram, who had maybe the most important Tweet of the year):


And how about the 18 Images That Defined 2012, according to Funny or Die? Sure, Disapproving Michela has to be on there.


BONUS LIST: These aren’t specific to any year, but it’s like iPhones keep getting worse at autocorrect as their technology gets fancier. Enjoy the 11 Funniest AutoCorrect Messages for 2012!

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