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View from Moontower: John Mulaney

John Mulaney, JR Brow & Lucas Molandes photos by Darcie Siiteri

At the moment Comedy Moontower is operating on a dodgy Wi-Fi signal and a rather temperamental WordPress in the Esquire Lounge at the Stephen F. Austin hotel and in the midst of mad dash guest list requests for the forthcoming joy magnet that is tonight’s Steven Wright performance. Wanda Sykes and Marc Maron are chatting at the bar. Patrons are imbibing and buzzing. The Festival has been amazing and a heaping chunk of this… fuck it, I’m using “euphoria” unabashedly is from the abject afterglow of John Mulaney’s set last night and from the anticipation for another at the Parish tonight. As I started that last sentence, festival producer Rich Miller is in a booth exalting Mulaney to casting director Ann Maney. JR Brow and Lucas Molandes delivered command sets and I am hard-pressed to recall the last time I laughed out loud as hard and for as long I did at John Mulaney’s set– which began with approximately 15 minutes of him absolutely slaying by recounting how he and his girlfriend spent the day visiting Friday Night Lights’ locations. Before I could finish that sentence (and I shit thee nay), a VIP just lamented the woe (and embarrassment of Moontower riches) of having to miss Mulaney tonight for the must-see Steven Wright.

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