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View from Moontower: Inside Joke

Kerri Lendo [photo by Marc Brown]

John Merriman [photo by Marc Brown]

Austin-based comedian Kerri Lendo and actor/filmmaker/funnyman John Merriman hosted the marvelous Moontower “Inside Joke” video segments that were produced by Picturebox productions. Comedy Moontower witnessed several top name comedians altar their schedules to appear on “Inside Joke,” which would not likely have been the case if the clips weren’t so well produced, if “Inside Joke” didn’t have such an apparent purity of motive, and if Kerri and John weren’t such delightful hosts and splendid ambassadors. UPDATE: Comedy Moontower has learned from a source familiar with negotiations that “Inside Joke” has an offer from sole sponsor Monsanto to produce a weekly program for San Antonio-based Clear Channel Communications “just like ‘Inside Joke’ but shittier.” UPDATE II: Apparently “Inside Joke” has hit a bump on the fast track to watered down corporate infotainment. Merriman is quoted in Teen Zine USA as saying, “I am honored by Monsanto’s faith in the show and excited about their “Ruining The Planet: One Meal at a Time” campaign but Kerri and I feel that their insistence of Carlos Mencia’s participation would disrupt our on camera chemistry.” Stay tuned but it seems that, for now, “Inside Joke” will remain DIY and “good.”

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