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The glory of SXSW Comedy and the promise of Moontower!

Thanks to the wonder of the annual behemoth of entertainment we Austinites call SXSW, this past weekend provided an amazing mash-up of insane comedy talent from all over the U.S. And it’s not done yet!

The creators of JASH

The creators of JASH

Sarah Silverman and Reggie Watts did sets at the IFC Crossroads House opening party, promoting their new online venture JASH. Eddie Pepitone was singing lounge music as the host of the CleftClips stand-up showcase at the North Door. And, yep, that’s the beautiful Ken Marino weirding out on the audience at Esther’s Follies.

Even frickin’ Rachel Maddow showed up for some killer comedy from W. Kamau Bell at the Totally Biased showcase. (It was honestly a SXSW highlight knowing how much that woman was laughing.)

I wish everyone had access to these shows. Literally every show you stumble in to is just jam-packed with stars and promising up-and-comers that know how to deliver a good show. There’s just a cool vibe about these out-of-towners giving up their weekends for a performer badge and a trip out to Austin.

So big ups to the comedians who made their way out to Austin to enjoy our thunderstorms and our food trailers (sometimes at the same time) and to the SXSW organizers and volunteers who wrangled them all together into one spot. Kudos, dudes.

James Adomian

James Adomian

Seeing all this live comedy also gets me really excited about all the shows that are coming up in April. Not everyone can afford a SX badge or get away from work.  So if you missed Watts or Kyle Kinane or James Adomian, don’t even worry about it! You’ll get to see them at Moontower!

What?? Yep, there are some SXSW comedians who are coming back in April to entertain you. That’s because we work together with SXSW to ensure that a number of comics play both festivals, joining up with some other big dogs like Jim Gaffigan, Brian Posehn, Bill Hader, Maria Bamford and Marc Maron! It’s like a big stew that combines all these amazing flavors that taste great together.

The first goal of any fest should be to put the comedians first, of course. But as a festival, we also want to achieve the goal of providing fresh, innovative programming that sets each festival apart, giving you the most comedy possible in your home town! It’s why Austin is building such an awesome reputation as a bonafide destination for comedy!

Plus, you’ll also get to see a whole shit ton of our local standup talent in April, showing off their Austin-honed skills in a big festival setting, alongside their standup peers and heroes. (I’m still waiting for the Reggie Watts/Chris Cubas showdown to take place here in Austin…!) It’s this type of collaborative  relationship that allows the comedy scene to keep growing in Austin and beyond, which is something everyone wants to see happen!

Just as important as the comedians are the beautiful Austin audiences that really know how to appreciate comedy. I’m excited to share all the big names and the rising stars with the good people of Texas who get to experience a festival 100% devoted to effin’ comedy!

So party on, SXSWers! Get your sleep and your food when and where you can. Then we’ll see you at the after party. And then the after after party…

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Reggie Watts, ladies and gentlemen

One more headliner to add to the 2013 Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival: Reggie Watts!

But before you read on, you should probably stop what you’re doing and go buy your tickets for all of this year’s headliner shows that went on sale at 10am this morning. If you’ve got a $129 badge or above, the presale is all about your right now.

With that said…

It’s not often that someone shows up on the comedy stage with a keyboard instead of a set list of jokes. Rarer still is the comedian who turns the act of comedy into fully appreciated performance art. And it’s even more rare that said comedian is instantly hailed as a revolutionary genius and goes on tour with Conan O’Brien.

But then there’s that rare exception like Reggie Watts. He’s a musical genius and he’s funny as hell in person, and he puts his abilities to task every time he steps on to a stage.

When he appeared with “Fuck Shit Stack” on Comedy Central, there was no denying he was going to be a huge deal. He’s actually making postmodernism relevant. How do you DO that these days?

With a giant keyboard, a giant afro and a giant smile on his face, Watts has been impressing sold-out crowds across the country with his improvisational musical skills and his impeccable wit for years now. Using just his voice, his uncanny sense of rhythm and his looping pedals, he inspires this feeling of giddy euphoria and playfulness and you can’ t help but enjoy.

It sounds insane, but it’s truly unlike any comedy event you’ll experience anywhere else this year. You honestly have to see him to believe him.

In the meanwhile, enjoy some of these videos to get you in the mood:

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Chris Cubas Is Not Now or Has Ever Been Reggie Watts (Even When He Pretends To Be)

Today, The Huffington Post released the following video clip with the very funny Austin-based comedian Chris Cubas talking about regularly being mistaken for the incomparable Reggie Watts (especially in the instances when both comics are performing at the same festivals like SXSW and last year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest). He explains that his response to this irksome occurrence is to just “go with” people’s false assumptions but I can also attest to Chris answering in the affirmative when he is asked if he is Reggie. But despite the doppelgänger tendencies, Chris Cubas is a great act and worth going out of your way to catch at Moontower.

Chris Cubas performs at The Moontower Comedy & Oddity Fest as part of the “Austin Show”

Wed, April 25th at Beale Street Tavern  @ 8:00PM

Sat, April 28th at Beale Street Tavern @ 10:15PM

Purchase Tickets Here. You can also get them and badges at the Paramount Theatre box office or by calling 512-474-1221. The box office is open Monday – Saturday 12pm – 5:30pm and is closed on Sundays. Stay tuned for other appearances and announcements.

Follow Chris Cubas on Twitter

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