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Watching a tiny giant at the top of her game

With the blessed delivery of her brand-new online Special Special Special and her quick two-day engagement at Cap City last week, we’ve been getting just the right dosage of Maria Bamford lately: a heaping shit-ton.

I’m not sure how many times y’all have watched SSS already, but we here at Moontower just can’t get enough of it. The freshness of performing just for her parents (and all of the ripe meanings behind that!), the sheer nerve of performing some of those jokes for a two-person audience, the jokes themselves… It really is a masterpiece to behold.

bamfordCheck out what The New York Times says about the special, because it’s way smarter than anything we can say about it.

And then, right on the show’s heels, she shows up right here in our backyard! Again! Besides being even funnier in person, Bamford’s two nights at Cap City left everyone feeling, ironically, so happy. Not just not-sad, but genuinely euphoric.

It was great seeing Bamford’s real-life pals Jackie Kashian and local host Kerri Lendo in the nights’ proceedings as well, proving once more the baselessness of that maddening prejudice about women lacking the funny gene. These were, in fact, two of the best, most rewarding nights of stand-up in Austin we experienced all year.

Did you catch Bamford (and Kashian and Peretti and Foley and Rajskub) last year during the Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival’s “Ladies’ Night” She-Bang? THAT was another one of those nights to hold on to.

What I’m saying is: Big ups to the ladies again this year. And get your dang Moontower badge already…

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The “She Bang” Showcase


Women comprise more than 50% of the U.S. population and workforce yet, on average, they still earn about 77.4% as much as men. Women are underrepresented in elected office, as CEOs, in Flomax commercials, and in the DGA (although inroads in the LPGA appear to be on the rise). But, pop culturally; the media seems to have evolved somewhat past the ghettoizing “Women in Rock” type features and we’re four years past Alessandra Stanley’s Vanity Fair cover story that celebrated a new generation of comediennes and danced on the grave of the canard that women aren’t funny. She Bang is beyond merely revering female perspectives, it’s about presenting some of the most hilarious, creative, and thoughtful stand-ups bar none. It’s about gargantuan waves of laughter.

Hosted by Sean Patton, a man but a stand up one (VH1, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) and starring Rachel Feinstein (“Adult Swim,” Comedy Central), Erin Foley (Almost Famous, “Chelsea Lately”), Erin Jackson (“The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “Last Comic Standing”), Jackie Kashian (“The Dork Forest,” Comedy Central), Chelsea Peretti (NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” “The Sarah Silverman Program”), and Mary Lynn Rajskub (“24,” “The Larry Sanders Show,” “Mr. Show”) and featuring special guest Maria Bamford, the She Bang Show is a unique opportunity to catch some of our nation’s smartest, funniest, and most talented comedic voices take the stage for Moontower’s tip of the hat to women… over on the East Side. I kid, the ND at 501 Studios is a rad venue. Honest.

Lineup subject to change due to the nature of live entertainment and not some old saw about it being a woman’s prerogative, although, talent contractual obligations notwithstanding, this here bloggo is a strong proponent of choice, women’s sovereignty over their bodies, and funding the Women’s Health Program. No joke, Govna.

She Bang is Friday, April 27th at the ND at 501 Studios. Doors @ 7:00pm & Show @ 8:00pm.

Purchase Tickets Here. You can also get them at the Paramount Theatre box office or by calling 512-474-1221. The box office is open Monday – Saturday 12pm – 5:30pm and is closed on Sundays.

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