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Chris Trew and the New Capital of Funny

Comedian, rapper, improv prodigy, and New Movement Theater impresario Chris Trew gives a brief history of how Austin, Texas, came to be Hilarity’s HQ. Trew (along with his TNM cohorts) founded the Hell Yes Fest in 2011 and the Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival was — and still very much is– pleased as Punch and Judy (so many peeps are only 50% pleased, right Tami?) that Trew folded in the Hell Yes Players, his artistic vision, and hijinks and gave Moontower a steady stream of amazing improvisational comedy. Austinites are well advised to catch a show at TNM’s new digs year-round at 616 Lavaca Street (and free citizens of New Orleans and Houston should also (re)familiarize themselves with the glory of a New Movement show). Moontower has packed up until next year but the Funny is all around town and ready to course through you like an Ensure (note to self: fact check whether Ensure “courses” and if this simile plays as “nourishing” or if it reads “grody” either to the maximum or even a minimum).

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