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Moontower Spotlight: Andy Kindler

One of the primary rules of standup comedy is to never dwell on a joke that doesn’t land.

But for self-effacing meta-comic Andy Kindler, sometimes those mishaps are the richest fields to plant new jokes. He’s turned impromptu self-deprecation into an art form, and it’s honestly a wonder to behold.


For years now, Kindler has been carving out an impressive niche in the standup world criticizing his own and other comics’ routines and helping audiences learn how to describe what works and doesn’t work in comedy. That’s why he was a perfect choice to be a judge on Last Comic Standing.

He’s also got a regular gig at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, where he provides a comical snapshot of “The State of the Industry.” It’s like a roast, but smarter, less crass and never ever involves Andy Dick.

Without really trying, Kindler is educating audiences on what comedy should look like, and he’s doing so by example. He’s a regular on Letterman, a contributor to The Daily Show, a regular voice on Bob’s Burgers and he appears at festivals like Montreal’s Just for Laughs to stay current on the industry.

Don’t miss your chance to see this brilliant funny man at work, dissecting his own comedy and the comedy of his peers,┬áduring the Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival! Just remember: Kindler’s shows will be badge holder access only, so get it while you can.

It’s gonna be so great!


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