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Janeane Garofalo and Brian Posehn join the Moontower lineup!

Yes, it could keep getting better.

Because now, we’re adding comedy all-stars Janeane Garofalo and Brian Posehn to the 2013 Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival lineup! Yep. That’s happening.

album_photos_12If you don’t know who Janeane Garofalo is, you probably weren’t alive in the 90s or have a radio or a television, so you likely won’t be reading this either. Basically, she’s one of the most iconic faces of comedy, from her early roles in The Ben Stiller Show and Reality Bites (and, hello, Romy and Michell’s High School Reunion!) through her continued media presence on Air America’s “The Majority Report.”

She’s an outspoken activist, a long-time feminist icon and an unapologetically politically-minded comic. (And, no, she’s not a lesbian… Just a badass in every possible way.) What we’re saying is: She doesn’t give a shit what you think about her. Which is precisely why we can’t get enough of her.

Joining her for a special midnight double-header at the Paramount during the festival is beloved stoner/nerd comedian Brian Posehn.

This big, beautiful bear of a man has skyrocketed to alternative comedy stardom alongside his fellow hirsute peers Patton Oswald and Zack Galianakis and the lovely Maria Bamford during the game-changing Comedians of Comedy tour. He also got to be a part of the genius of HBO’s Mr. Show.

Then  he appeared in the amazingly perfect Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central as one half of the adorable couple who were Sarah’s gay neighbors. Since then, he’s been in Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects, the sequel to the terrible Fantastic Four movie and Judd Apatow’s Funny People.

175px-Brian_Posehn_Get_Smart_premiere_arrivalToday, when he’s not touring doing stand-up or doing cameos on every sitcom on TV right now, he’s writing for Marvel Comic’s new Deadpool series, which recently featured the funniest mutant in comics fighting all of the dead US presidents after they were resurrected as zombie killers. Y’know, the usual.

Seriously. One night with both of these brilliant, iconic comedy figures is like the best gift since… the last headliners we mentioned.

If you haven’t gotten your badge yet, I’m not even sure what else it would take to convince you that this is the best idea you’ll have all year. Individual tickets will be available to a few of the shows, but only badge members will be able to choose their shows and guarantee their attendance at all these headliner shows.

So, c’mon, get to it, yo. It’s Janeane Garofalo and Brian frickin’ Posehn.



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