Screening Room: Heidecker & Wood & Leggero & Phillips & Andre & Nicolosi


The latest episode of Natasha Leggero‘s interview series Tubbin’ With Tash is in the can. Joining Leggero in the tub are Chelsea Peretti & Reggie Watts. Well, Chelsea doesn’t actually get in the tub because she has diarrhea but that didn’t sound as good.

Austin filmmaker Joe Nicolosi debuted his latest in a long line of amazing short films today. HELL NO: The Sensible Horror Film is a send-up of horror movie tropes populated with a terrific ensemble cast of locally based talent. Produced by Stephanie Noone and co-written by John Freiler.

Heidecker and Wood are back and better than ever! The celebrated duo debuted the video for their latest song, Getaway Man.

Our good friend Henry Phillips has some helpful hints for dealing with pickpockets. With Brendon Walsh.

And finally, Eric Andre is up to his old tricks in this unaired bit from his talk show where he plays a drunk Ronald McDonald. Adult Swim allegedly refused to air the piece but Andre showed it off on Conan last night.

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