Quick Questions: Emo Philips

EmoEmo Philips is frequently listed among the greatest comedians of all time – Jay Leno called him “the best joke writer in America” – and his material has been passed around the internet since the first modem was plugged in. His wandering, child-like delivery belies a razor sharp wit and an uncanny knack for timing. He was kind enough to answer our three quick questions ahead of his Moontower performances. 


What’s your favorite snack?


How has the comedy landscape changed since you started?

Not as many gigs at discos.

What’s the first joke you remember writing?

I went to the bathroom and there was a dead postman in the tub. I thought, “That’s strange. It’s Sunday.”


Emo is performing at multiple shows at this year’s Moontower Comedy Festival including two sessions with Dr. Katz. More information here.

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