Nick Thune plays Cap City this week

Nick Thune is a very funny man. And it’s not just me who thinks so. Many of the biggest names in comedy agree with me. Just take a look at his résumé. As an actor, he’s worked with legendary writer/directors Paul Feig, Judd Apatow, and Mike JudgeAs a comic, he’s performed on Conan, Fallon, and the Tonight Show over a dozen times. He has a successful Comedy Central special and his album Thick Noon was voted one of the best albums of that year. Nick has a new special coming out soon and, tonight through Saturday, he’ll be at Cap City Comedy Club.

I spoke with Nick about his new special, working with Mike Judge, and farting.


When did you first think about becoming a comedian? Was there a moment when you realized that it was something that you were going to do as a career?

My first thought of becoming a comedian was when I was in 7th grade.  I farted in class and my teacher laughed and said “I give that an 8”. The whole class laughed.  I was the king.  The next day I held my farts in all day.  Waiting for Mr. Foster’s English class.  Knowing I would probably nail it again and get a lot of laughs.  During the 15 minute silent reading, I let loose again.  This time Mr. Foster said “It was funny the first time.  This time it’s gross.”  Nobody laughed.  Ever since then I’ve been searching for that first laugh.  And farting.

You have acted in a number of films including EXTRACT written and directed by Austin’s own Mike Judge. How did you get involved with the project and what was it like working with him?

I auditioned for one role and didn’t get it.  Then a week later I got a call saying Mike liked what I did and wanted to find something for me.  Next thing I know I’m in the valley wearing a Sam Ash uniform and Mike Judge is directing me and Mila Kunis was speaking Russian on her cell phone between takes.  Just another normal day.

Any projects coming up that you are excited about? 

I’m just wrapping up the editing process for my new hour special, Folk Hero.  Pretty excited about that.  Also I’ve been working on getting the grass in my backyard to stop dying all the time.  Those are my two big projects right now.

You’ve spent a good deal of time in our fair city. What do you like to do when you’re in town?

BBQ.  Thats the simplest way to put it.  I love BBQ.  Also, There is a Ramen place I like going to.  So, FOOD is the answer.


Nick Thune performs at Cap City Comedy Club September 25-28th. Tickets are available here.

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