Moontower vet Joe Zimmerman hits Cap City tonight, Comedy Central’s Snapchat channel soon

joe zimmerman headshotMoontower veteran Joe Zimmerman‘s resume already boasted a Conan set, Last Comic Standing appearance and Comedy Central Half Hour special. Last week Comedy Central announced that his new Animal-Lolz series has been greenlit for its Snapchat Discover channel.

How did Animal-Lolz come about as a Snapchat series?

Comedy Central was reaching out to people, asking if they had any ideas for Snapchat. They’re doing fewer web series, and putting all their web series energy into the Snapchat channel. I guess all the data is telling them it’s the next big thing, and they’re getting a lot of traffic through their channel.

I did a Comedy Central Corporate Retreat based on nature and wildlife at UCB East. They said they liked my animal stuff, and we started talking about my doing fun Animals Facts and jokes about them. They suggested getting one of their animators [Charlie Hankin] to cut back and forth between me doing stand-up and an animation of the animal I’m talking about.

Can you give me an example of an Animal Fact you might talk about?

One example that I talk about in my stand-up is how the male penguin presents the female with a pebble. If she accepts, they mate for life. That’s pretty cute. It’s a human-like trait, the whole proposal thing. What I wonder about is what’s going on the male’s head when he gets rejected. Is he searching a beach all day for the perfect pebble, only to find out Peggy’s already accepted a pebble from a burly penguin named Brad?

So far I’ve turned in the scripts and gotten approved for the shorts I’m going to tape. I’m going to go into their studio with their camerapeople; we’re probably going to set up a little wildlife-type habitat for me to sit in and talk.

joe crow posterWhat other Comedy Central Snapchat series are you looking forward to?

I like Caleb Synan a lot, and I saw he’s doing one called Deadliest Chef about cooking competitions. Another one that caught my attention was [sketch group Dollar Pizza’s] Guber Pool, a series about the awkward social scenario of Uber Pool. That sounds really funny to me, because if you ever take an Uber Pool, it is super-awkward. I would avoid it, because you just get these weirdos wanting to make random stops and the whole works. And one more I’m sure will be solid is Mike Lawrence’s You’re Wrong. He’s just being an angry nerd, telling people why they’re wrong about nerd stuff. It’s just perfect for his persona.

Joe Zimmerman kicks off his “Crow Flies South” tour at Cap City Comedy tonight through Saturday.

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