Moontower Spotlight: Billy D. Washington

If you don’t know Moontower stand-up Billy D. Washington yet from his sold out shows at Cap City last year, you’ll probably love his back story as much as his bizarre and dynamic act. That’s because Washington used to be a police officer in Houston before he turned in his badge to become a full-time comedian, musician and entertainer.

Billy D. Washington

Billy D. Washington

Cop to comedian seems like a pretty huge career swap, but for Washington, the shift made perfect sense. You can imagine how frustrating it would be  to be the funniest person on the force, unable to crack jokes because of all the terrible nonsense you’re seeing on a daily basis. Folks in handcuffs just DO NOT appreciate your punchlines.

So, thankfully – for him and for us – Washington made the move to comedy and has been telling jokes and singing his songs ever since. Since shifting gears, Washington has performed twice at the  Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, once at the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival and even opened for Aretha Franklin (!!!) on a few of her tours.

He’s been on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, Last Comic Standing, The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and has done the whole VH1 commentator thing.

We’re so excited to have this veteran of the stage back in Austin for 5 stacked shows at this year’s Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival, We know the crowds are going to be in full effect for his high energy shows, so make sure to get your FAN Badge today and get in line for one of the brightest and funniest stars of the festival.

Michael Graupmann

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