Moontower Performers on Tonight’s Grammy Noms for Best Comedy Album

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Who will win Best Comedy Album at tonight’s 58th Annual Grammy Awards? Performers on April’s upcoming 2016 Moontower Comedy Festival weigh in…

The nominees:
Wyatt Cenac, Brooklyn
Louis C.K., Live at Madison Square Garden
Craig Ferguson, Just Being Honest
Lisa Lampanelli, Back to the Drawing Board
Jay Mohr, Happy. And a Lot.

Jackie Kashian: Are prop comics not loud enough for a Grammy? I’m uncertain who’s making this list or who will vote on it, but I’m proud of all of them and wish them great gift bags. Because it’s an honor to be nominated. (I think it should go to whoever sold the most merch.)

Brendon Walsh: Who should win, and why? Lisa Lampanelli or Wyatt Cenac because they aren’t white men. Who will actually win? One of the white devils.

1200Ian Abramson: Look, there is some great comedy nominated this year, but also Scharpling & Wurster: The Best Of The Best Show came out, and it should have been given the Grammy outright. It’s a summary of fifteen years of consistent, high-quality output, represents the ascent of unusual comedy becoming more appealing and “cool” to people who like indie music/movies, etc. That said, Wyatt Cenac’s album will probably win, and for very good reason. It’s a smart and cohesive album I’ve already listened to a number of times.

Ari Shaffir: The Grammys for comedy are voted on by people who have never listened to any comedy albums in the last five years. They consistently nominate celebrities over comedians. Lisa Lampanelli? For real? And Jay Mohr hasn’t been funny on stage in nine years. Of course you’re going to nominate Louis for any album he does, good or bad. I have no idea how this one is. Probably good, but my guess is better than any of the voters because I’ve at least seen Louis perform since 9/11. Wyatt is the only interesting pick on here.

Joe DeRosa: For the first time in my life, I can say I know every single nominee personally, except for one. So the odds of someone I’m friendly with winning (whose glory I can later mooch and sponge off of) are four out of five. So please God…let anybody besides Craig Ferguson win. Hollywood, here I come!

Jeremiah Watkins: I honestly didn’t know comedy albums could win Grammys…

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