Moontower Class of 2016: Annie Lederman

C9B7E7FF-9606-5D3E-9CD2C39B698CA4FFA castmember of MTV’s hit Girl Code, dryly disarming Annie Lederman has appeared on Chelsea Lately, @midnight and even voiced hippie radio producer Cheryl in Grand Theft Auto V. Though she’s toured with Moontower vets Marc Maron and Jim Norton, next month marks her inaugural trip to Austin.

Girl Code I auditioned for the first season. The audition was weird. When you do talking-head shows, they’ll ask you a question like, “What was your first period like?” Then you have to go, “My first period was like a crimson-wave tsunami!” or whatever. Then they animate blood pouring out of a shark’s mouth or something. I didn’t know that, so I was just “Oh, I dunno. It was a rough time for me.”

I bombed it and didn’t get it, and just thought, “Oh well. Who cares?” Then it blew up and I was like “[Gloomily] I didn’t get Girl Code,” all jealous and miserable. Then in season three, they just gave it to me.

There are a few shows that hit something that’s missing for a certain age group at a specific, perfect time. Chelsea Handler did that with Chelsea Lately. Her demographic was probably mid-twenties to forties at that point; Tosh.0 hit that with internet-age kids who grew up watching YouTube videos. I think because Girl Code is so ADD and fast-paced, with silly little jokes and animations, it’s a very easy thing to follow. It’s like a filthy, adult picture book.

I really like having that reach toward young girls. I remember that age and was able to reflect on how horrible it’s been to be a girl; how just terrible it is. I’ve acquired wisdom from all these mistakes I’ve made, so it’s cool to be able to put it into joke form and give it to these girls who are suffering through middle school.

I would love to merge my comedy and my drawings I do into a mixed-media, hybrid TV show with animated aspects to it would be my dream. To me it’s much more fun to do scripted stuff and create content like that than do unscripted talk-show stuff. But I have ADD, so I like to jump around and do different weird stuff. For, like, five years my friend and I have been doing this thing called Sausage Party, where we remake original movie trailers with hot dogs starring in them. We did Magic Mike, A Christmas Story, the lesbian make-out scene from Wild Things

I’ve never been to Austin. I’ve been to Austintown, Ohio. Do you know what Austintown, Ohio is known for? It’s known for having potholes. How shitty is that? How much does your government hate you that it’s like “We’ll just let potholes be their thing”?

I got along with both Jim Norton and Marc Maron really well because we’re all sober. They never hit om me or anything; there are never any drunk-sloppy moments with them. But you go deep with people like that because you’ve been through some weird shit. You can share your dark, fucked-up stories from your life. Maron and I did Philly together, and I’m from Philadelphia. I drove him around in my mom’s eBay store drop-off van: It was so hilarious. I didn’t get a picture of him in it, and I hate myself for it.

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