Moontower Class of 2016: Ahmed Bharoocha

258sAhmed Bharoocha punctuates striking social commentary with bursts of high-energy theatrics. The L.A.-based comic and actor is also a member of sketch group Dead Kevin, whose weekly web shorts have been featured on Funny or Die. A veteran of Conan, Comedy Central stand-up showcase Adam Devine’s House Party and Just for Laughs Montreal, he performs multiple nights across the 2016 Moontower Comedy Festival.

Me and my sketch group Dead Kevin just handed in our last draft to Comedy Central for a pilot we’re working on with them. We’re just waiting to hear if we have the go-ahead to shoot the pilot.

I also just shot the first season of an Adult Swim show called Dream Corp in December. It’s half animation and is about a scientist who does dream therapy. I play a nurse in the lab that gives drugs to people, and I’m also addicted to all the drugs, so I’m a crazy, out-of–it nurse. That won’t be done until probably June, because the animation takes a long time.

Other than that, I’m getting married! I will be married by Moontower.

Festivals are definitely a smorgasboard of comedy. You can see at lot of comedy at once, so if you only see comedy once a year, you should definitely do it at a festival so you can get it all in in one shot.

You might get comics goofing off a little bit more. They’re loose because they’re around their other comic friends. When you go on the road, it’s the opposite of a festival: You’re alone and sometimes going through the motions. But when there’s other comics around, you kind of want to step up your game a little bit.

I did the Out of Bounds festival a long time ago. And I went to Moontower once as part of an improv troupe. We weren’t really a group aside from that. We submitted as a bunch of stand-up comics that all also did improv, so we figured, “Let’s just be a group and submit!” We got in, did improv there, and never did improv together again. We were okay. We didn’t bomb, but we weren’t one of the best groups or anything. We kind of eked our way through. But we had fun.

I’ve been through a few other times, like to Cap City and things like that. I love Austin. It’s a great place to do comedy. A lot of good comics come from there.

I would love to record an album in the next year or so. I submitted for a Comedy Central Half Hour, so that would be really cool if that happened. I’d love to just get more credits that would help me work the road a little bit more. But I’ve also been doing more acting with the pilot and the Adult Swim show. They kind of feed each other: To me, to just do one seems a little impossible. You need a little bit of both. One will feed the other. If I can balance the two, that would be perfect.

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