Maria Bamford is everywhere again!


Y’all. It’s happening.

One of our absolute favorite Moontower comedians, the endearing and delightful Maria Bamford, is making significant strides as of late in her polite, gradual takeover of the comedy world. Jezebel even declared this The Year of Maria Bamford.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed every minute of Bamford in a blue spandex Invisible Woman costume playing Tobias Funke’s methadone-addicted love interest DeBris in the final season of Arrested Development.

The combination of David Cross’s manic energy with Bamford’s distracted confusion makes for some of the best punchlines of the entire season, and it makes you long for a spin-off, or at least more screen time of just them.

Fortunately, there’s plenty more Bamford to be had in her new web series, Ask My Mom! on My Damn Channel. These delightful tidbits of character genius capitalize on her famous layered impressions of her mom, Marilyn, answering some of Maria’s fan mail.

Bamford’s parents have been an integral part of her standup from the beginning (her parents were the only audience in her last comedy special, for example), and her impressions of them have a vibrant life of their own.

In Ask My Mom!, we get to see a more realized, embodied version of Bamford’s mom, complete with wigs, glasses and mom jeans. It’s everything you’ll ever need in a perfect bite-size sample. Just one question answered in a no-nonsense, Midwestern fashion every Thursday night.

Best yet, you can submit your own questions at




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