Marc Maron to premiere his new TV show at Moontower!

You already love him for the grouchy, hysterical back-and-forth he does with his expertly chosen guests on the WTF podcast. You love him for his real-talk, open-book stage persona when he does stand up shows around the country. And you know you’d love to hang out with him, eating barbecue, drinking beer and talking shit about celebrities.

So why not let the man who’s seen it all and done even more take over your television set, too? Luckily, IFC television is putting Marc Maron on TV. FINALLY.



We’re ecstatic to announce that you’ll get a chance to see his new show, Maron, at the Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival in a special advanced badges-only screening at the Stateside at the Paramount theater on April 26th, with Maron himself in attendance.

You already knew he was going to be at the Festival, performing standup on April 24th. Now you get to also watch him watch himself on the big screen at the Stateside on the 26th before he then does a live recording of WTF later that night with a live audience.

Watch or listen (or now SEE) the man doing his thing, and you’ll get what millions of comedy fans across the country have been talking about for years now. He’s a damn genius, and a sober, startling voice of reason in a vapid, broken universe.

So is Marc Maron now going to become the new King of All Media? There is an opening for it, I suppose, after Howard Stern traded that title for a chair at the hosting table on that grating summertime reality show, America’s Got Dancing Ventriloquist Magicians.

Judge for yourself at Maron’s three Moontower shows. Don’t get left out of these special events that everyone will be talking about. Just make sure you get a badge if you want to do so. (Hey, it’s cheaper than subscribing to cable and only maybe getting the IFC channel…)

And if you’re not already a WTF fan, WTF is your problem?


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