Jeremiah Watkins: The Busiest Comedian in L.A.?

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In the past month Jeremiah Watkins appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and in director Jason Reitman’s Sundance short doc on Comedy Store show Roast Battle. The Just for Laughs, New York Comedy Festival and South by Southwest vet also continued expanding his range of disparate comedy talents, maintaining integral roles on numerous recurring shows across Los Angeles.

Roast Battle: “Two comedians are going head-to-head roasting each other, and the All-Negro Wave’s job is to represent a heightened version of what the audience is feeling,” Watkins says of participating in the weekly “Verbal Boxing Match” created by Brian Moses and Rell Battle. “If a joke spit at the other battler is really good, we run up onstage and go crazy with little vignettes, sketches, act-outs, anything and everything.”

Stand-Up on the Spot: Second Tuesdays of the month Watkins pulls Comedy Store double duty, hosting comics ad-libbing sets based on audience suggestions. “I think a lot of comedians love it because it’s so far outside their comfort zone. In that moment, you’re the most raw version of yourself, so you’re just reacting. And a lot of times it works out.” Joe Rogan and Dean Delray are among those who now employ material in their current acts that Stand-Up on the Spot created.

Regan and Watkins: “We discovered that we had great comedy chemistry, so we joined forces,” Watkins says of guitarist Pat Regan. “I had been wanting to incorporate music in my act more, so this filled that void perfectly.” They’ve performed as an original live duo and recorded videos for the past year, including one concerning an overly accommodating drug dealer. “I just like doing as many forms of comedy as possible. I’m the kind of comedy addict where I need my fill, and I’ll look for it in any avenue. And music is a completely different rush.”

Midnight Snack: Every Saturday Watkins (on saxophone) cohosts the Hollywood Improv’s “Late Night Comedy and Snack Destination” alongside Josh Adam Meyers and Avery Pearson. “It’s the perfect way to round out your night with a party, a live onstage-party experience. We improvise and riff with the crowd, we create songs in the moment, we play music underneath comedians if they want. It’s a fun late-night variety show.”

The Goddamn Comedy Jam: “It is like no show you’ve ever seen before,” Watkins enthuses of the Lyric Theater monthly on which he’s a “roadie” and sometime sax player named Moshpit. Founded by Meyers, the year-old Goddamn Comedy Jam has welcomed the likes of Louis C.K., Sarah Silverman, Bill Burr, Hannibal Buress and Jim Jefferies to perform a stand-up set followed by a song. “Everybody loves music, everybody loves comedy, and this is the purest form of those two things,” Watkins continues. “You get to see your favorite comedians be rock stars for a night. You walk away going, “What just happened, and when can it happen to me again?”

Jeremiah Watkins performs solo and on Goddamn Comedy Jam this April at the Moontower Comedy Festival.

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