Funnyman Bummer: Tim Minchin Gets Axed From British TV Christmas Special

Tim Minchin penned 'Woody Allen Jesus' for a British Christmas TV special, and the song was removed from the program.

I can’t promise, but will try and make this the final post about the 2011 holidays. It’s just too silly and good to overlook. Laughspin recently shared a story about Aussie/UK comedian Tim Minchin’s being banned from a British Christmas television special, and Timmy’s not too happy about it. The cause of the controversy was apparently his hilarious new song Woody Allen Jesus, which I’ve shared a clip of below.

Minchin evidently wrote the song specifically for this TV special, showed up at the studio taping, performed the song, and it was filmed successfully. Then, a producorial decision that followed mandated Minchin’s song be stricken from the entire Jonathan Ross Christmas special program due to the subject matter. It’s fully understandable that Minchin’s reaction to the network decision to nix his song was less than gracious. You can view the full story here for a bit of Minchin’s two cents worth on the entire ordeal. Funny, one would think anyone inviting him to perform would be fully aware of the satirical nature of his songwriting, especially with regard to religion.

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