Full Moontower Schedule Released

Well, in case you’re living in a cave, hiding from the threat of a North Korean nuclear winter, you’ve heard about the full release of the 2013 Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival schedule on the site!

14_Headliner_FullSkedIt’s time now to start assembling your algorithm, comparing notes and planning out your four days to maximize the star power and comic potential from Apr. 24-27.

Most nights start at 7pm and top off with our huge midnight shows at the Paramount. But to experience them all, you better have a badge, yo! Get your FAN badges now, and don’t miss any of the action.

You do NOT want to be that person standing outside the theater, listening to the laughter inside. Sell a kidney if you have to: you’ve got two of them for a reason!

See y’all in a few short weeks!

Michael Graupmann

Michael Graupmann is the Senior Editor of Arts and Entertainment at CultureMap Austin and a blogger for The Moontower Comedy Festival. He is a producer of The Encyclopedia Show Austin, Mortified Austin and The Austin Story Slam. When he's not writing or attending one of Austin's endless bounty of performance ventures, he's sleeping or on his way to another show.

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