DUH! 2011’s All-Things-Comedy Overlord, Louis C.K.

An ear to ear Chris Rock and Louis C.K. laughing it up together in 2008

The Live at the Beacon Theater special online release from his website grossed over $1 million dollars in just over a week. From that, $280K was taken and almost immediately donated to five separate charities. He has been asked to perform for Obama himself and headline the 68th Radio and TV Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner on June 8 in Washington DC. All this aside, and this last bit pretty much goes without saying, but even the Patton Oswalt’s and Marc Maron’s of the world can mutter a “we’re not worthy” when it comes to the unstoppable rise to power we’ve all witnessed with Louis C.K. this year.

On the WTF podcast from November 3rd, Maron and none other than Chris Rock himself spent a humbling amount of time talking about Louis, his writing process, and how the guy’s efforts are coming close to making all other comics look like underachievers. A 2012 Grammy nomination for Comedy Album of the Year comes close to, yet still falls short of overshadowing the fact that his incredible FX series Louie did not receive an Emmy nomination. Chock it up to the fact that C.K. does everything himself (writer/director/producer/star) and that sort of non-team-player ambition usually rubs the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences the wrong way.

All the same, awards or no awards (he already has awards), the man has been a tour de force in years past. If his unquestionable success in 2011 is any indication, we’re in for many more impressive efforts from C.K. in the coming year and beyond. Below, you can check out an outtake from his latest special as well as his appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon from December 21st, where C.K. talks about the process behind the successful release of his latest online special and how quickly getting all that money made him realize it was silly to keep every single bit of profit. Totally hilarious, totally likable. Totally selfless? Total class.

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