Moontower Spotlight: Pete Holmes

One of the more memorable Super Bowl commercials in recent memory for us are the ones featuring the talking e*trade baby. You know the one: calling all the shots from his crib-side webcam, or giving stock advice from his Baby Bjorn. Hilarious.

Even dribbling strained peas, he's a badass.

Even dribbling strained peas, he’s a badass.

But did you know the baby’s voice is provided by comedian Pete Holmes?  After seeing him at a sold out show at Cap City last year, we know this master of slinging punchlines is far more than a creepy animated baby face. He’s goddamn hysterical.

And now you get to see him perform at this year’s Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival! Yep, he’s on the list!

If you’re someone who needs a full resume, you should know that Holmes has been on Conan and Jimmy Fallon, is a regular on VH1’s I Love (insert thing to love), and has done his own half-hour special on Comedy Central.

But it’s probably his voice that you’ll recognize right away. He’s got regular voiceover work on Ugly Americans and he’s also the host of the amazing podcast, You Made It Weird, on the Nerdist channel. Word is, he might even get his own talk show on TBS to go on after Conan.

Will the real Pete Holmes please stand up?

Will the real Pete Holmes please stand up?

So, yeah. If you don’t already love Pete Holmes, you should probably get acquainted with him real quick. He’s kind of a big deal.

Make sure not to miss Holmes at this year’s Festival, and to do so, get your FAN badge today seeing as all Holmes’ shows are badge holder only!

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