Colin Quinn Pens Patrice O’Neal Liner Notes

The late Patrice O'Neal (#34), pictured here with Artie Lange, Dave Atell, Todd Barry, David Brill, Colin Quinn, and Lewis Black. O'Neal will have a posthumous album in 2012 that features liner notes from personal friend Quinn

Gone, but certainly not forgotten, is a fitting cliché for the death of Patrice O’Neal. Since the late comic’s untimely passing back in November, fans and fellow comedians alike have taken to Twitter and various other internet venues to pay their respects and offer their most sincere words of admiration. Most recently, it turns out O’Neal will have a posthumous comedy album released in 2012, and fellow comic/longtime friend Colin Quinn has written all the liner notes. Quinn’s words evidently do not hold anything back with regard to his deceased friend:

“Patrice was pure comedian,” asserts Quinn. “He didn’t play well with others. He burned all bridges that came into his path. But that’s because he knew what he wanted to say and anything that twisted it or edited it or softened it, he couldn’t tolerate. He did not do comedy to be liked.”

Check out iTunes to pre-order the album and give yourself the chance to hear the rest of Quinn’s kind words. Thanks to Laughspin, you can also listen to a bit here and check out a full track listing from the forthcoming album. The release of Mr. P is scheduled for February 7th, 2012. All proceeds from the new will go directly to the O’Neal family.



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