Chris Cubas makes surprise @midnight appearance, wins the internet

Austin legend Chris Cubas made a surprise appearance on Comedy Central’s @midnight show last night! Here’s how it all unfolded on social media.

Unable to promote his appearance, Cubas hintedΒ at his participation by encouraging us to watch the show.

We knew something might be up since @midnight announced that the show’s very first #PointsMe challenger would battle Steve Agee and Thomas Lennon.

And turns out it was Chris! Here’s the announcement that @midnight posted as the show began.

Soon everyone was tweeting their love for Chris.

Comics were also tweeting about his killer performance.

Even Ron Funches got in on the act.

Chris thanked his fans who were watching at The Grackle.

Even though when Chris got back to his hotel he missed the airing (they had the east coast feed of Comedy Central for some reason)…

He did get a Wikipedia page out of the deal.

And plenty of craft services.

Never forget…

Be sure and follow Chris on Twitter and catch him at Moontower next month. Also, check out his podcast Cancelled where he and a guest talk TV shows that only aired for one season (the most recent one is Cop Rock with Norman Wilkerson).

Watch the full episode of @midnight here!

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