Chris Cubas Is Not Now or Has Ever Been Reggie Watts (Even When He Pretends To Be)

Today, The Huffington Post released the following video clip with the very funny Austin-based comedian Chris Cubas talking about regularly being mistaken for the incomparable Reggie Watts (especially in the instances when both comics are performing at the same festivals like SXSW and last year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest). He explains that his response to this irksome occurrence is to just “go with” people’s false assumptions but I can also attest to Chris answering in the affirmative when he is asked if he is Reggie. But despite the doppelgänger tendencies, Chris Cubas is a great act and worth going out of your way to catch at Moontower.

Chris Cubas performs at The Moontower Comedy & Oddity Fest as part of the “Austin Show”

Wed, April 25th at Beale Street Tavern  @ 8:00PM

Sat, April 28th at Beale Street Tavern @ 10:15PM

Purchase Tickets Here. You can also get them and badges at the Paramount Theatre box office or by calling 512-474-1221. The box office is open Monday – Saturday 12pm – 5:30pm and is closed on Sundays. Stay tuned for other appearances and announcements.

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