Brian Gaar Writes Jokes at Work, Releases Comedy Special ‘Jokes I Wrote at Work’

GaarOn the heels of his critically acclaimed comedy album, Never Gonna Be Famous, Moontower favorite Brian Gaar has just released his very first comedy special. Recorded at the Spiderhouse Ballroom, Jokes I Wrote at Work is an intimate affair that shows Brian is not only a gifted writer (he counts over 80,000 Twitter followers), but he can hold his own with the best of them.  I spoke with Brian about the recent release, his day job as a reporter, and Pokemon. 

The title of your special is “Jokes I Wrote at Work”. Some people may not know that in addition to being a stand-up, you are a respected reporter at the Austin American-Statesman. How do your careers inform each other?

Well, one career allows me to eat and pay rent and the other allows me to get yelled at by bachelorette parties who thought they were going to a piano bar. Also thank you for calling me respected. One time I wrote a story about elephants eating leftover Halloween pumpkins at the zoo. So it’s hard to tell which career is more degrading (jk it’s comedy).

You make no secret about being a gamer. What’s your favorite game right now and what’s coming out that has you excited?

I tried to play League of Legends but I’m too slow now to compete with children. They’re like, “Yo, SavedByTheBell353, you suck.” And I’m like “Look, I had to get up at 5 a.m. because my daughter wouldn’t stop singing songs from ‘Frozen.’ Give me a break.” And they’re like, “LEARN 2 PLAY NOOB.”

So now I’m playing this card game called Hearthstone. And the newest Pokemon because I’m fucking creepy.

How has the comedy scene changed in Austin since you started?

There are more and more people doing it. I don’t talk to any of them because I’m a big shot now and I don’t want their open micer germs getting on me. But I’ll see them at open mics and think, “Huh, I don’t know who any of these people are.” If they have a good set, I’ll let them make eye contact with me.

What’s next for Brian Gaar?

I’m thinking about lunch right now. Do I want to go get something? Should I just eat a Lean Cuisine at work? I should really learn another language. Wait, what’s that under my arm — is that cancer. Ok, I need to figure out who gets my Playstation games, I don’t want a nasty legal battle after my death.

Also get your kids vaccinated. Don’t be the dad who’s like “Well son, when you were a baby, the internet and your mom’s yoga teacher told us that vaccines were bad. Anyway, sorry your legs don’t work.”



Jokes I Wrote at Work is available for download now. Follow Brian on Twitter at @briangaar.

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