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Catching Up with Austin Alum Brendon Walsh

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Since departing Texas for California, Brendon Walsh appeared on Conan, Comedy Central’s The Half Hour, Maron and The Late Late Show. Offstage the former Funniest Person in Austin has also worked with FX, Disney and TruTV, and cohosts All Things Comedy podcast The Bone Zone with fellow Moontower veteran Randy Liedtke.

Characteristically uncensored and dryly facetious, Walsh relayed what he’s recently been up to…and what he’s looking forward to during his Moontower return.

You’re a perennially busy behind-the-scenes guy. Can you walk me through your current projects?

 The only real behind-the-scenes job I have right now is Top Secret, so I can’t tell you about it.

Okay, I’ll tell you: I’m the alien wrangler for the new X-Files TV show. I also wrote a bunch of episodes for Disney’s Pickle & Peanut cartoon on their XD channel. Continue reading

Baron Vaughn, Fortune Feimster, Adam Lustick and More Star in Life In Color

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Shot in real-life comedy locations including Santa Monica’s Westside Comedy Theater and Hollywood’s The Complex, narrative feature film Life in Color stars Josh McDermitt (The Walking Dead, Last Comic Standing) as a clown-magician turned bona fide stand-up. Continue reading

Andy Kindler’s Nine Best Maron Lines

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THree DJ

On IFC’s Maron, Andy Kindler portrays a semi-fictionalized Marc Maron’s semi-fictionalized friend Andy Kindler. Currently in production for its fourth season — slated to debut this spring — the show continues highlighting the Daily Show, Letterman, Everybody Loves Raymond, Last Comic Standing and Bob’s Burgers vet as Maron’s voice of misanthropic reason. Continue reading

With Third Special, Hannibal Buress Confronts Cosby Controversy…and Himself

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BjPIQZrWhen he moved from Chicago to New York City in 2006, Hannibal Buress didn’t have much of a plan. He bounced around Washington Heights and Inwood, stayed in hostels on the Upper West Side and in the East Village, and crashed with friends across Brooklyn and Queens. When he had nowhere else to go, he slept on the subway.

Buress also performed on any stand-up show that would have him, and made sure audiences and industry members remembered him. On Sunday nights he hosted Comedy at the Knitting Factory, a platform that allowed him to create and refine new material on a weekly basis. He scored a writing gig on Saturday Night Live, then another on 30 Rock.

2010 debut album My Name Is Hannibal and 2012 Comedy Central special Animal Furnace introduced him as a performer with a nonchalant, slow-burn delivery and self-effacing accessibility. He made the rounds on Letterman, Conan, and Kimmel. Buress had a great backstory, “Next Big Thing” status, and the chops to back it up. His name was bound to go mainstream. It was just a matter of when. Continue reading

Jeremiah Watkins: The Busiest Comedian in L.A.?

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In the past month Jeremiah Watkins appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and in director Jason Reitman’s Sundance short doc on Comedy Store show Roast Battle. The Just for Laughs, New York Comedy Festival and South by Southwest vet also continued expanding his range of disparate comedy talents, maintaining integral roles on numerous recurring shows across Los Angeles. Continue reading

Fourth Annual Patrice O’Neal Benefit Celebrates Late Comic Tomorrow in NYC

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One year after Patrice O’Neal’s 2011 death from stroke complications, Bill Burr had a conversation about the 41-year-old Opie and Anthony regular’s journey along “The Path.”

Breakout Comedy Central special Elephant in the Room and incendiary live shows ensured O’Neal would soon graduate from club favorite to mainstream fame. “Everyone discovers you, and all of a sudden you’re the 20-year overnight success,” says event organizer Maureen Taran, now talent head of Original Programming and Development at TruTV. “Patrice was headed there.” Continue reading

Dork Forest Host Jackie Kashian Celebrates Podcast Milestones, New Nerdist Show with Laurie Kilmartin

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Even after 600 episodes of The Dork Forest, Jackie Kashian remains fascinated by what fascinates her podcast guests. Fresh from last week’s latest @Midnight appearance, the Conan, Maron and Last Comic Standing vet discusses her decade in digital and quietly revolutionary Nerdist Industries endeavor with Laurie Kilmartin.

You’re currently celebrating ten years in podcasting. What were the most difficult aspects of launching and expanding in those early days?

Launching was idiot-proof, because I started with Blog Talk Radio. All you had to do was call in to a number, and they recorded it for you and put it on iTunes. So the first three years of The Dork Forest were me calling into this number with guests. And granted, it was in Beta, so sometimes they would fail. And the audio quality wasn’t very good. But the hardest part, I think, was expanding to pre-recorded, which is what I did five or six years ago. I had to have equipment, and I had to have people at my house, staring across a card table. Then I had to edit it and put it up myself on Libsyn. It’s like everything: It seems insurmountable until you do it, like, three times. Then it becomes by rote. Continue reading

Brad Williams Gets Serious on Sophomore Showtime Special, His Second in a Year

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Brad Williams previously teared up “in, like, Cleveland” when performing his closing chunk. But Saturday’s taping for his sophomore Showtime special – his second hour in a year – was the first time his family would see the weighty material on his father’s prolonged battle with cancer. His emotions might get the better of him again. Would it bring the taping to a halt? As he and About Last Night cohost Adam Ray recorded a podcast episode with manager and repeat special guest Barry Katz, Williams looked around his dressing room with apprehension: “I just can’t tell what’s going to happen.” Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: The Union of The State Book Out May 3, Foreword by Keegan-Michael Key

State Dress 1

An oral history tracking “the creation, dissolution, reinvention and [25-year] reunion” of landmark sketch group The State is due May 3. Continue reading