Austin comics on their way to San Francisco Burrito & Comedy Festival, pt. 2

Continuing our conversation with the six brave comedians taking the Oregon Trail to San Francisco this weekend, we present the rest of our questions and their answers in the thrilling conclusion of the San Francisco Burrito & Comedy Festival interview!

As you’ll recall from last blog post, we started by asking the six comedians (Ralphie Hardesty, Jonathan Pace, Kath Barbadoro, Maggie Maye, Joe Hafkey and Mac Blake) what they were most excited about seeing in The City By the Bay.

What could we possibly be asking them next? (Only the most important questions for people about to head to a burrito-themed comedy festival in San Fran, clearly…)

Moontower: What is the one memento from SF you would like to find to bring back to Texas with you?

Mac Blake (@macbdazzler): Honestly? A San Francisco Giants ball cap to use as a prop. I was part of the Master Pancake Theater mock of the movie Blood Sport, and in it we see a younger version of Jean Claude Van Damme’s character wearing a New York Giants (football) t-shirt and a SF Giants (baseball) hat. It’s like he doesn’t care about a city or a sport, he just likes Giants. So I’ll grab a cap in case we ever do it again.

Kath Barbadoro (@kathbarbadoro): I’d like to get a picture of me with the Mrs. Doubtfire memorial statue. San Francisco has a Mrs. Doubtfire memorial statue right?

Jonathan Pace (@jonwilkespace): A mogwai.

Ralphie Hardesty (@ralphiehardesty): An STI.

Joe Hafkey (@joehafkey): A picture of me, shirtless, eating a burrito in front of the houses on the credits of Full House.

Maggie Maye (@maggiemayehaha): Two words: regional candy. And memories, new friendships, blah blah. All that, too.



Moontower: What do you like most on your burritos, and where do you normally get them here in Austin?

Blake: I’m more of a taco and quesadilla man, but when I’m in the mood for a baby-sized amount of meat and cheese I’ll go to Freebirds. Chicken, Monterrey Jack, a skosh of guac, and some hot sauce.

Barbadoro: Don’t tell the SFCBF people this, but I’m much more of a taco girl than a burrito girl. My Austin taco soul mate is the fish taco from Taco Mex on Manor. I’m also a big fan of the al pastor tacos at Rosita’s Al Pastor on Riverside. (I’m going to link both of them to this article once it’s posted and see if they’ll hook me up with some free tacos so please don’t cut this part out.)

Pace: I think I’m more a taco guy than a burrito dude. Why you gotta put all them beans and rice in my giant taco? Rosie’s Tacos Al Pastor on Riverside is awesome, and I like 3 of the 4 Taqueria Arandas that I’ve tried. I defy anyone to find a better salsa bar than Mi Ranchito. Carne guisada, al pastor, lengua, and lots of other stuff. Basically, good meat and good salsa with a little heat is mything, onions and cilantro if you got it, but I’m not picky.

Hardesty: Mi Madre’s Breakfast Rito is #1 for sure. Eggs, government cheese, potato, avocado, tons of bacon. It’s amazing.

Hafkey: Barbacoa or Carnitas, then a little pico, a little salsa verde, black beans, sour cream, cheese, and guacamole. This will rankle the Wheatsville Co-op crowd, but my go-to is Chipotle. I take comfort in the orderly corporate environment there.

Maye: I’m all about steak fajita. With guac. With a side of queso to dip it in. Served on the bare chest of the dude that plays Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy. Is there an Austin restaurant that serves that?


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