Sarah Silverman to Bring the Raw Political Pain to Austin, Texas Next Week


No one can say that Sarah Silverman’s been sitting on her phat ass in 2011. Known by fans and fellow comics alike as Big S, she has kept busy with numerous TV appearances, wrapping production on Disney’s November release of The Muppets, and preparing to kickoff her new, as yet untitled NBC series within the coming year. Sarah’s comedic range runs the gamut from the Holocaust to poop jokes: Auschwitz to doo-doo berries.

Sarah’s most recent limit-pushing endeavor is a turn & burn show deep in the heart of Texas, announced in late October, with a November 1st performance at Austin’s historic Paramount Theatre: Sarah Silverman & Friends Live From N*****head: Stripping the Paint Off of Good Ol’ Fashioned Racism.

The upcoming event title references large block lettering viewable on an escarpment found standing upright near the entrance of 2012 U.S. Republican Presidential hopeful, Governor Rick Perry’s family-owned West Texas hunting camp.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Silverman spoke candidly about her upcoming Austin show. “This is a never-forget moment. The show’s provocative name holds a mirror up to an ugliness that seems to have become yesterday’s news without having barely even made news.” When asked about using the N-word in the title of her latest show, she told EW, “The positive thing about N-head and other outwardly racist actions – like trying to put the Confederate f***ing flag on Texas license plates – is that it’s no longer just a gas in the air. It’s something you can point to. It’s something you can fight against and expose. So I see this as an opportunity that should be taken.”

Next Tuesday at the Paramount Theatre in downtown Austin, she takes the stage with Tig Notaro, Ian Edwards, Dwayne Kennedy, Suli McCullough, and more. Sure to be a solid not-for-the-faint-of-heart night of comedy. There’s a good chance Rick won’t care much for what Big S has to say just 3 blocks down the street from the Texas State Capitol, but expect a packed house to watch Sarah & her cohorts blow the roof off of every building on Congress Avenue.

All proceeds from the event are being donated to the NAACP.

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