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Watching a tiny giant at the top of her game

With the blessed delivery of her brand-new online Special Special Special and her quick two-day engagement at Cap City last week, we’ve been getting just the right dosage of Maria Bamford lately: a heaping shit-ton.

I’m not sure how many times y’all have watched SSS already, but we here at Moontower just can’t get enough of it. The freshness of performing just for her parents (and all of the ripe meanings behind that!), the sheer nerve of performing some of those jokes for a two-person audience, the jokes themselves… It really is a masterpiece to behold.

bamfordCheck out what The New York Times says about the special, because it’s way smarter than anything we can say about it.

And then, right on the show’s heels, she shows up right here in our backyard! Again! Besides being even funnier in person, Bamford’s two nights at Cap City left everyone feeling, ironically, so happy. Not just not-sad, but genuinely euphoric.

It was great seeing Bamford’s real-life pals Jackie Kashian and local host Kerri Lendo in the nights’ proceedings as well, proving once more the baselessness of that maddening prejudice about women lacking the funny gene. These were, in fact, two of the best, most rewarding nights of stand-up in Austin we experienced all year.

Did you catch Bamford (and Kashian and Peretti and Foley and Rajskub) last year during the Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival’s “Ladies’ Night” She-Bang? THAT was another one of those nights to hold on to.

What I’m saying is: Big ups to the ladies again this year. And get your dang Moontower badge already…

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Moontower Festival early bird badges now available!

Hey, y’all.

Remember earlier this year when The Paramount Theatre hosted a brand new comedy festival in Austin that brought together some of the biggest names in comedy today and it was huge and awesome and amazing?

Yeah, well, The Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival is indeed happening again. On April 24-27, 2013, in fact. Hooray!

Four amazing days of even bigger and even more hilarious action. Is it even possible? You’ll probably have to get a badge and find out for yourself, eh?

This year, there are three levels of badges available for purchase at Early Bird rates:  the VIP Badge, the Fan Badge, and the brand-new Ace Badge.

Along with access to all non-single-ticketed events, the Ace also comes with guaranteed entry and prime seating at four headliner shows of your choice at the Paramount. It also gets you into something brand new this year: Midnight Shows.

Remember when Nick Offerman was at the Paramount? And Aziz Ansari? And Seth Meyers? And remember seeing Marc Maron at The Mohawk? And Maria Bamford at the ND? This is where comedy memories are made, y’all.

We’re locking down the lineup, and y’all are going to lose your minds when you see all these names! We can guarantee it’s going to be a damn hoot, y’all, and you don’t want to miss it…